Oct 09

Windows 7 Launches, Accompanied by Useless Tweets

On January 30, 2007 the earth shook from the millions of DVD drives spinning and humming as they installed Windows Vista. It was as anticipated as a movie screening for Twilight showing to Orange County teenage girls. Likewise it was also an epic failure in the eyes of sensible adults.

So here we are, two and a half years later on the launch week of Windows 7. Now I won’t lie, I will probably install a copy on my home PC [I ambi-compute]. And even though I have every desire to run to the store to buy it, install it, and deal with whatever Microsoft has in store for me, I am refraining due to my social media prowess and sensibilities.

Simply put, I was waiting to see a positive affirmation from the millions that should be Tweeting.

Key words, should be. And this is why I won’t be an early adopter, this time…

Tweets haven't been so kind as of late for Windows 7.

Tweets haven't been so kind as of late for Windows 7.

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Oct 09

Southwest Airlines: A Missed Opportunity

With a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in hand, watching football this past Sunday I saw Southwest Airline’s newer ad campaign roll out in all of its glory. The Bags Fly Free campaign has a great message, and though its earlier rollout had less creative writing, the newest piece, which I am searching for a link to, has much better creative and really lends itself to step up with social media.

GSD&M Idea City were so close to having a campaign with legs. There is still time friends, read your Geek Grade and ratchet it up. Continue reading →