Jun 11

From the archives—graduation speech.

This is most of the commencement speech I gave to the Art Institute of Portland class of 2009. I hope that as some of the graduates from my alma madder approach their big day tomorrow, that they can find some inspiration from my experiences. More importantly, I hope it helps you fully realize your own dreams.

From the archives.

To the class of 2009, congratulations on your achievement. Proud parents and families, thank you for letting me be a part of your special occasion.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was sitting in your position. I remember it being a mixture of elation, and stomach-grasping terror. Does that sound about right?

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Feb 10

B2B and Social Media—3 tips to keep the lights on in 2010

Social media has really been the hot topic this past year between my clients and my agency—there is a good chance that those of you reading this are still chomping at the bit to figure out how social media can make your weekly PowerPoint status-slide sing.

A couple of years ago, it seemed that I couldn’t get a marketing manager to even fathom the idea that Facebook had any amount of relevance to their target audiences. All things social media, even as recent as a couple of months ago, were vocalized to me as fringe and fleeting fads that the youth and their hippity-hop cultures waste-away on—not what sophisticated business people spend time reading.

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Nov 09

Before we talk about ROI: 2 Simple Rules

There has been an overwhelming amount of interest with regards to my post on Return on Interaction being the new ROI. Thank you all for your emails, and Tweets! With that said I felt it was only right to really set-the-stage about social media and a simple set of rules on how to start formulating your strategy. Think of this article as the technique section of social media from which you can start thinking about potential and desired ROI.

Below is a slide from my social media presentation to NASA.

Social Network Proper Usage

Social Network Proper Usage

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Nov 09

Twitter and Lists



I’m not going to get into the ‘top ways’ to use Twitter lists. That topic is already the new hot thing to write about and it all sounds the same.

Simply put Twitter lists are great for organizations trying to promote their outreach efforts, but lacking for the ‘social’ element Twitter hoped to accomplish. It chirps for Tweeps to befriend a list of friends, cooler than their own. Anecdotal thought: I will reference Gore, a company that has built itself on not having a group larger than 150 people for anything. They believe that anything beyond 150 people kills its effectiveness…keep this in mind for your communication pool.

Does this remind anyone of the check boxes that subscribe you to mass amounts of email lists when registering with various Websites on the internet? Anyways, for your humor I now unveil List-erine!

Oct 09

Google's CEO: Should we learn Chinese?

Some very interesting thoughts from Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. My takeaways were keep investing in social media and user generated content [duh] and pick up a Chinese phrase book.

Oct 09

UFC, Dana White, and the foray into Social Media

The UFC has done a pretty great job of utilizing Dana White, the president of the organization, for all things promotions and personality. Dana White IS mixed martial arts to many fans, in that he embodies a straight-shooter attitude that so many fans are drawn to. On top of being good in front of the camera, and having an innate ability to handle media frenzies, White also can be listed as an early adopter for integrating social media into the core structure of his organization.

As far as Twitter celebrities go, White has the ratios, a constant stream of posts, and a personality that is enjoyable to follow. 690k Twitter followers is nothing to shake a stick at! Dana is also a YouTube sensation with his video blogs. His video blogs also give viewers a behind the scenes look at the UFC as a business. What this really does for the organization is enable it to shed too much harassment from dissenters just wanting to dog ‘the man’ for not being benevolent.

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Oct 09

Awesome Social Media Vid

Poaching from soshable.com. Thanks for the awesome video link!

Oct 09

Southwest Airlines: A Missed Opportunity

With a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in hand, watching football this past Sunday I saw Southwest Airline’s newer ad campaign roll out in all of its glory. The Bags Fly Free campaign has a great message, and though its earlier rollout had less creative writing, the newest piece, which I am searching for a link to, has much better creative and really lends itself to step up with social media.

GSD&M Idea City were so close to having a campaign with legs. There is still time friends, read your Geek Grade and ratchet it up. Continue reading →