Jun 10

Check-In’s + Augmented Reality: Social 2.0

I’m an avid Trailblazers fan. As I sit in the stands I am reminiscent of times before check-in’s and tweets—how did I see everyone in the stands before? Binoculars I think. I pull out my new iPhone 4G and load Facebook—within seconds I select ‘Ping’ and select ‘Friends’. It is amazing thinking that just last year I loaded a clunky program that only allowed me to check-in—but today with a couple of clicks on my speedy mobile device I am saying hello to everyone in the stands that are within my social network.

I hold up the screen and pan from left to right. The video recorder in the iPhone 4g has fully realized augmented reality and it is delightful. A quick on screen overlay shows beacons above the seats of all of my friends in the stands. Look, it’s Tom—I had no idea he even liked basketball. More importantly, I’m not sure his wife would appreciate him taking another woman to the game. Oh well, for another time. This is really something—this whole Social 2.0.

This is my vision of social media, just around the corner. Take a moment to share your vision with us in the comments below. Thanks for your time socialnauts.

May 10

Facebook Location to Oust Foursquare: SMB & Retailers

I have always been a fan of Foursquare. What they brought to social media was an exploration into location based social media—testing the waters as to the privacy boundaries, or lack there of, and all issues associated with check-in updates. The adoption rate has been fantastic for this emerging network, and with their ability to strike deals up with European characters Foursquare seemed to be on a roll. In addition the standing offer to be bought out for 100 million+, the writing was on the wall.

Enter Facebook So here we are, about to see Facebook jump into the location-game. Foursquare might have wanted to take that offer after all. They aren’t necessarily out of the game, but we could have seen this coming with the roll-out of a retail storefront sticker campaign that is being tested. Nonetheless, the Internet continues to mature, and I am excited to see it happen.

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Mar 10

Why Foursquare Will Win

I’m not a gambler, and I certainly do not have a crystal ball. However it is becoming pretty evident that location based social networking will continue to grow. Simply put, a higher degree of mobile device integration by some big players [Google: desktops will be replaced, Intel: showing their hand towards mobile , Apple: the iPhone was successful, what if we made it bigger? ] continues to cater to the demand for continuous connectivity—and more importantly, support for seamless real-time-location interactions.

This is not a new principle—but if we were talking about social networks as a whole, in human-development they would just be entering into adolescence. They are hormonally challenged, seeking an identity, loose with their privacy, frenetic, and awkward—all while having a great deal of potential. To boot, they have a look that they all will be ashamed of in 10 years.

So what does this mean for Foursquare?

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