Feb 11

Brand Management Tips: Updated Facebook Pages

Embrace Your New Facebook Page

As a Facebook page admin you have probably noticed that Facebook has opened up a whole new way to manage your page’s presence. There are a gamut of articles out there speaking to the specific feature changes, but today I would prefer to focus on tips for managing your content generation within this new structure—and why you should care. Continue reading →

Jun 10

Redefine Your Corporate Facebook Page Strategy

We are seeing that the natural catalysts of ego and the relevance has launched companies worldwide into the space of social media in an unorganized fashion. What we are left with in many cases are a plethora of Facebook pages representing every facet of a company. I call this Socialrrhea, and is not limited to Facebook, but that is what we will tackle today. But before you go championing this article as a sign that the times are changing and that there is too much ‘social’ in our media, let’s dive in and understand how we can strike a better balance. Continue reading →

May 10

Facebook Location to Oust Foursquare: SMB & Retailers

I have always been a fan of Foursquare. What they brought to social media was an exploration into location based social media—testing the waters as to the privacy boundaries, or lack there of, and all issues associated with check-in updates. The adoption rate has been fantastic for this emerging network, and with their ability to strike deals up with European characters Foursquare seemed to be on a roll. In addition the standing offer to be bought out for 100 million+, the writing was on the wall.

Enter Facebook So here we are, about to see Facebook jump into the location-game. Foursquare might have wanted to take that offer after all. They aren’t necessarily out of the game, but we could have seen this coming with the roll-out of a retail storefront sticker campaign that is being tested. Nonetheless, the Internet continues to mature, and I am excited to see it happen.

What does this mean for SMB and Retailers? Continue reading →