Oct 09

#BEATCANCER Beats 'Balloon Boy'

Rightfully so #beatcancer, a hashtag idea developed by a social media agency named EVERYWHERE, became not only a Guinness World RecordĀ® first for social media metrics but also an indicator of what has pull on the tweetosphere.

Accruing 209,771 mentions and $70k in donations in just 24 hours #beatcancer showed us all once again that Twitter/Facebook is not only an indicator of the polarity of scalable social messaging, shown by the vast differences between itself and balloon boy, but also an indicator that the Twitter/Facebook audience is willing to mobilize on topics for the greater good.

As more charitable topics latch on to this model it will and is already a mere right of passage for social marketers, so remember campaigns in general need more substance than dollars and hashtags. Regardless, kudos to EVERYWHERE for making a difference! Let’s see how you fared on the Geek Grade: Continue reading →