Brand Management Tips: Updated Facebook Pages

Embrace Your New Facebook Page

As a Facebook page admin you have probably noticed that Facebook has opened up a whole new way to manage your page’s presence. There are a gamut of articles out there speaking to the specific feature changes, but today I would prefer to focus on tips for managing your content generation within this new structure—and why you should care.


There are now five image slots at the top of every page that display your images in random order. Here are a few things to consider when managing your page pictures:

  1. Use mobile apps that post pictures more cautiously when administering a Facebook page. Put simply, users that post from mobile devices tend to put less thought into the brand impact when posting. I am not saying, ‘don’t post from your phone’, just measure twice—cut once. After all, any picture, no matter how buried in your gallery, is now a candidate for your ‘top 5’ images that describe your brand.
  2. Decide on your ‘Top 5’ strategy. For more controlled brand presences I recommend only posting 7 images. This allows for variation on top of random placement, while still maintaining a clear vision for your brand. For less controlled brand presences, I recommend theming based upon brand pillars. Ensure that your admins understand simple visual constraints for your pillars.
  3. Decide whether you should limit usage of photo filters unless it is a core visual element of your brand. Just putting this out there to your admins is important—you may, or may not want Instagram to be your look and feel.
  4. Understand the balance between your content, and your photography. If you are posting a lot of product info on your wall, lay off the products in your photo galleries. Focus on a virtue of your brand.


In addition to the new layout, your posts are now ordered by relevance. Keep in mind the following when posting:

  1. It is a bad idea to do chronological posting. Where pages once could be syndications of Twitter timelines, they now need to shift to more relevant, ‘good’ content.
  2. Stay away from inflammatory posts. Because a) your karmic scoreboard will be in jeopardy, and b) these types of posts get a rise out of people and will stay at the top of your feed due to activity/relevance.
  3. Post links that don’t have your profile picture [logo for many brands] as their identifying stream pic. If you do this, you will be creating a logo soup of one. That is one bland soup.
  4. Continue to pay attention to your % feedback. This page is about delivering on the promise of your brand, not your products.

Above all, remember that you are here to enchant your followers—do all with good intentions and you will be fine. 😉

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