Jun 10

Redefine Your Corporate Facebook Page Strategy

We are seeing that the natural catalysts of ego and the relevance has launched companies worldwide into the space of social media in an unorganized fashion. What we are left with in many cases are a plethora of Facebook pages representing every facet of a company. I call this Socialrrhea, and is not limited to Facebook, but that is what we will tackle today. But before you go championing this article as a sign that the times are changing and that there is too much ‘social’ in our media, let’s dive in and understand how we can strike a better balance. Continue reading →

Jun 10

Check-In’s + Augmented Reality: Social 2.0

I’m an avid Trailblazers fan. As I sit in the stands I am reminiscent of times before check-in’s and tweets—how did I see everyone in the stands before? Binoculars I think. I pull out my new iPhone 4G and load Facebook—within seconds I select ‘Ping’ and select ‘Friends’. It is amazing thinking that just last year I loaded a clunky program that only allowed me to check-in—but today with a couple of clicks on my speedy mobile device I am saying hello to everyone in the stands that are within my social network.

I hold up the screen and pan from left to right. The video recorder in the iPhone 4g has fully realized augmented reality and it is delightful. A quick on screen overlay shows beacons above the seats of all of my friends in the stands. Look, it’s Tom—I had no idea he even liked basketball. More importantly, I’m not sure his wife would appreciate him taking another woman to the game. Oh well, for another time. This is really something—this whole Social 2.0.

This is my vision of social media, just around the corner. Take a moment to share your vision with us in the comments below. Thanks for your time socialnauts.