Windows 7 Launches, Accompanied by Useless Tweets

On January 30, 2007 the earth shook from the millions of DVD drives spinning and humming as they installed Windows Vista. It was as anticipated as a movie screening for Twilight showing to Orange County teenage girls. Likewise it was also an epic failure in the eyes of sensible adults.

So here we are, two and a half years later on the launch week of Windows 7. Now I won’t lie, I will probably install a copy on my home PC [I ambi-compute]. And even though I have every desire to run to the store to buy it, install it, and deal with whatever Microsoft has in store for me, I am refraining due to my social media prowess and sensibilities.

Simply put, I was waiting to see a positive affirmation from the millions that should be Tweeting.

Key words, should be. And this is why I won’t be an early adopter, this time…

Tweets haven't been so kind as of late for Windows 7.

Tweets haven't been so kind as of late for Windows 7.

I’m definitely not here to slam Waggner Edstrom and their savvy PR and product launching. But what I will slam is the lack of cohesiveness between the software development teams and their marketing arms; nothing entirely new here for big companies such as Microsoft. Unfortunately for them, they are battling one hefty media campaign from their friends at Apple. With that said Twitter is such a catalyst for compulsive buying that without the twitter affirming temperature Windows 7 will not fully realize its potential sales, regardless of what numbers they post.



  1. The most anticipated PC launch date in years. The Windows 7 house parties were a great buzz and the Microsoft store is a step in a direction, time will tell if it is correct.
  2. Ample coverage on many partner sites.
  3. Twitter is ablaze with ‘Windows 7’ as a top trending topic.


  1. With the flurry of Tweeting the opportunity was missed not solely by the marketeers or the PR teams, but rather by the consolidation of efforts between those teams and the software development teams. Going forward, companies that engage their social media teams leading up to a product launch will sell more products.How could they have done it this time: The painful but necessary campaign in this case would have stemmed from a Windows 7 integration of social media¬† platforms upon FIRST BOOT of Windows 7. While this would have been nonsense even a year ago, this year products demand a proliferation of ‘We did it’ messages. That’s right….we took the leap and we LOVE IT! Understand the impact of thousands of Tweets saying ‘I just installed Windows 7 and it looks amazing #windows7install’. Now I know there will be plenty of naysayers to this strategy, but really the only thing keeping Windows 7 from busting wide open, is validation that it works. Not from bloggers or review engines, but from the profiles of the early adopters on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. This is painful. Microsoft, or their agency representing them needed to step up and acquire at all costs @windows7
Whoops, windows7 has few friends and no tweets

Whoops, windows7 has few friends and no tweets

Really with a launch this big, it is easy to pick it apart to no end, but these are some big gotchas.

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  1. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can? And you et an account on Twitter?

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