Southwest Airlines: A Missed Opportunity

With a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in hand, watching football this past Sunday I saw Southwest Airline’s newer ad campaign roll out in all of its glory. The Bags Fly Free campaign has a great message, and though its earlier rollout had less creative writing, the newest piece, which I am searching for a link to, has much better creative and really lends itself to step up with social media.

GSD&M Idea City were so close to having a campaign with legs. There is still time friends, read your Geek Grade and ratchet it up. GEEK GRADE D+


  1. Great messaging showing your client’s true value-ad in a down industry.
  2. Plays very well with the current Southwest Airline brand.
  3. Budget. This is a win in today’s media buy times 😉
  4. A parity push on Twitter with #bagsflyfree.


  1. Totally dropped the ball on making this a social media frenzy. This was one step away from being something great. Try this to get yourselves started: Go to Facebook and start a Fan Page for ‘Bags Fly Free’. Post some videos, commercials, and vacation stories from the bags as if they won a contest to fly free on Southwest Air. Run a contest on Facebook for their owners to fly free, drawn from the first 10,000 fans of the Facebook group. If you get stuck, email me 😉 Enjoy a renew of your hefty budget, and maybe throw some mentions and love over to the social media geek.



  1. Great post. I bookmarked your blog.Thanks 🙂

  2. Great post. I appreciate you taking the time to write this. I bookmarked your blog. Thanks 🙂

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